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The City of Light, The Cradle of Hollywood


Szatmári Museum

The Szatmári Museum in Mátészalka is a prestigious centre of the region's intellectual and material heritage. One of the basic functions of the museum is to make art easily accessible. The museum is a key figure in the connection making between art and its consumer. A great deal of the „work” is done by the artist. An important task of the museum is to preserve the exhibited objects for posterity.

Szatmári Museum

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Along the preservation, an increasing number of visitors is also important for the museum, so the exhibition needs to be an interesting and attractive place for the younger generations as well. The director of the museum reached out for us with the intention that they wish to have an innovative media campaign in order to decrease the average age of the museum visitors.


How we worked on it

We worked out a campaign concept that is centered around the creation of an „online museum experience”. By taking pictures of the exhibition spaces and the outdoor locations we created a 360-degree virtual walk, which we published on the website of the institution. For the exact date and time of the publication, we organised a press release with a presentation together. The week before the event we established the Facebook page 'The Cradle of Hollywood', where we created an intensive and interactive space for communication for the target groups of our campaign. We started the museum's Youtube channel, where such short films are presented with the help of our film group, which are born from the legends of the town and are interpreted by local public figures. We made a teaser from our virtual museum walk and we directly shared it with the region's schools.



  • an increased number of visitors
  • an active Facebook community
  • more than 3000 school children have met the online museum experience

I have a look at

Report on the campaign 'The City of Light, The Cradle of Hollywood'

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