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Crossrisk project


Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management

Tha basic function of the disaster management organisation is to protect the lives and property of the population, insuring the safe operation of national economy and protecting the elements of the critical infrastructure, which is a highly important public saftey task. Its main mission is to prevent disasters as an authority, carrying out rescue operations in civil emergencies, organizing and controlling protection activities, eliminating the negative consequences of emergencies and performing reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management

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The Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management turned to us with the intention that they wish us to perform the complete PR and communication tasks of their Hungarian-Romanian international project. Elements of the project: the building and use of an international education centre, the creation of a staff training curriculum, the launch of a training in English for Hungarian and Romanian firemen, related events, organization of conferences and press events.


How we worked on it

For the project launch we organized an opening conference and a press release. For the protocol guests of the Hungarian and Romanian partners we designed and manufactured personalized invitations, we sent out a press invitation to the regional press list, put together the scenario of the conference, edited the directorate welcome speech and the professional presentations according to the items of the brand identity, prepared the location to accommodate the conference (catering, technical background, interpreter, furniture, decoration), designed and manufactured the graphic material of the project (leporello, posters, leaflets, roll-ups) and we prepared the television and radio interviews.



  • a successful press release
  • several media appearances
  • satisfied partners
  • strengthening cohesion among the partners

I have a look at

Report on the opening conference of the project


Thanks to their accurate preparation work, their broad media network and their efficient assistance we managed to organize a successful conference and press-conference where everything happened according to the scenario. Following the event our news reached the prestigous local, national and transborder media as well.

Nóra Papp-Kunkli // Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management – spokeswoman
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