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Economic Competition Advisory Office

The Hungarian Consumer Protection Association established the Economic Competition Advisory Offices in five major regional cities in 2014, at the request of the Hungarian Competition Authority, in order to cultivate competition culture and to help consumers make conscious decisions. The office network's aim is to increase the knowledge, the consumer consciousness and the competition law education of those organisations and persons (undertakings and consumers) who get ahold of questions regarding competition policy, competition law and conscious consumer decision-making and its protection.

Economic Competition Advisory Office

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The Hungarian Consumer Protection Association turned to us with the intention that they wish to make their free-of-charge advisory service well-known nationwide, build the office network’s brand via the professional work of the advisory lawyers in the project, to position the offices operating in five county towns (Debrecen, Eger, Szeged, Pécs, Győr) as experts of consumer protection and competition law for the local undertakings and the population, and to meet the client number expectations of the support.


How we worked on it

Knowing the expectations and objectives, we put together an effective communication strategy; we created a wholesome mediamix for achieving the required reach of the target audience, changed the emphasis to online communication activities, prepared the project’s website, established an official Facebook site, and formed a cooperation with the country’s biggest consumer protection blog. We set a goal to build an online community where consumers and entrepreneurs can maintain a dialogue moderated by us. We created the platforms for online counseling and the primary tools of effective bi-directional communication. We extended traditional press operations to a nationwide level and we generate continuous media presence by PR articles and press releases.



  • national reputation
  • professional recognition
  • high client number
  • functioning online communities

I have a look at

Monthly report on the communication activity


We have been working together for five years. We have created such an efficient communication strategy that is operable still today and by its implementation our organization successfully fulfil the main sponsors’ expectations. Thanks to them our office networks are nationwide recognised, moreover we strengthened our professional position in the consumer protection segment.

Dr. Zsolt Hajnal // Hungarian Consumer Protection Association – president
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