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Diehl Aviation is a globally present company building upon passionate and ambitious colleagues. As a first-line international supplier of fly electronics and integrated cabin solutions, Diehl Aviation is regarded as a prestigous business partner in the air transportation industry.

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The company’s long-term orders and their increasing number have justified the headcount growth in both the production and the administrative fields. The competition among the region’s employers for the qualified workforce and the large-scale fluctuation of the workers in the production field also count as a risk regarding the strategic objectives pursued. The management turned to our agency in order to work out an effective employer branding strategy and its implementation.


How we worked on it

Our communication strategy was based on a continuous presence. When choosing the communication channels we strove to reach the maximum target group, for which we used ATL and BTL activities, we created a media mix associating classical and alternative media solutions using local and national press organs, private publications, advertising surfaces in public places (billboard, citylight), vehicle advertisements (tram and bus decoration) and online channels (job search websites, landing pages, social media) at the same time. We established the company’s official website, we designed the template of the job search and we created a direct application surface on Facebook. We provide support on a daily basis not only in recruitment but also in communication for the company’s HR communication department, in crisis management and in campaign planning as well. In order to develop employee commitment and effective internal communication we prepared the company’s internal publications (training book, employee handbook) in an integrated brand identity, we prepare the current business magazines quarterly and we created the employees’ closed Facebook group.



  • According to surveys, the company turns out to be an attractive employer in the region.
  • The planned headcount growth has successfully been achieved.
  • Fluctuation among employees has moderated.

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Employer branding strategy


Start Hang team has been helping our work for more than two years by visually creating our messages either in internal or external communication. They are flexible because so far every time we had a problem they always sought to find the solution. The word impossible is unknown for them. By their work we could communicate a professional and sophisticated image of ourselves. We really love working with them because they are accurate, reliable and with the help of these they take a burden off us.

Eszter Juhász // Diehl Aviation Hungary – PR expert
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