Hello! We are Start Hang. The creative team.

Our passion is to bring brands to life.

Szeretjük a közös munkát ambiciózus csapatokkal és vezetőikkel. Nekik tudunk adni olyan PR és marketing technikákat márkaépítéshez, hogy attól több vevő térjen be, kiugró legyen az eladási mutató, bővüljön az ügyfélkör, minőségibb legyen a munkaerő és szilárd lábakon álljon a növekedés.


Graphic design
Brand image and logo design
Desktop publishing
Creative concept design
UX/UI web design
Packaging design
Event management
A well-chosen and neat corporate image represents the company and makes the brand memorable. It gives the world such an impression that it signals a sympathetic and open-minded approach. That is why we believe it is crucial to develop a professionally designed, consistent corporate image for the brand right from the beginning to the press or the online publishing. All the company logo, the typography, the graphic design elements and the illustrations are to make the same strong effect towards the target group. With the help of them we can make an impression.
Facebook, Messenger
Instagram, LinkedIn
Google, YouTube
Business Page Management
Content Management
Advertisement Management
We constantly monitor and study the ever-changing operation of the social media. Different platforms need different communication solutions and content in order to reach their future clients and partners. We provide a deliberate content strategy for this. We create an informative and entertaining presence in the branding and customer acquisition process
Strategy and Campaign Planning
Media Management
Employer Branding
Crisis Management
Event Management
Modern PR design planning needs a lot of creativity and knowledge of human nature. We believe that a successful campaign design planning and its implementing depends on the fusion of these two resources. By Start Hang along traditional PR solutions we introduce brand new trends as well, so that we hold such a toolkit that makes networking really efficient.
Advertising Plan
Media Buy
Content Creation
Advertising Management
Advertising costs are essential. However, it is important how much and for what. With a good plan and an effective message we can help to place this advertisement to the right place in the right moment. Thus, the money spent on it turns into an investment and not into a waste of money.
Campaign Planning
Strategy Planning
Media Planning
Instant Consulting
Marketing / PR Consultation
Sometimes a little support stands the company in good stead. If you follow the same methods from time to time your team’s creativity can get ambushed. We do not want to think instead of them but together with them in order to find new ways, new opportunities and to look for the focus which is in need of change. Consulting is not chicanery. During organizational consultation we tackle the problem together, but it is our task to help with the answers.

About Us

Our passion is to bring brands to life! We add such a tone and style to the visual and communication strategy that it is not only in harmony with the main values but also gets moved by the magic of novelty: it is going to be remarkable and more effective. Our mission is to work together with ambitious professsionals and teams on their brandmaking. For this we put in our professional knowledge and experience from the fields of graphic design, social media management, PR, marketing and advertisements. With the help of conscious planning from an enthusiastic family business we managed to become an international full-service communication agency. And throughout the process we kept what is most important: the spirit and a direct, personal tone.

Gyarmati Anett

founder, art director
A brand needs to be seen and let be seen at the same time. This is my favourite thing in our projects. I am the corporate image and brand expert of Start Hang. I love every minute of it. I'm inspired by aesthetics and by the idea that you can always bring more out of a brand. I feel uplifted by tasks which make others discouraged: to pay attention to details and to implement them. #creative #visuality

Kerekes Zoltán

founder, PR expert
Planning and consciousness are my field. That's how a successful strategy is born including conventional and new media solutions as well. I get inspired by the problem because I see the opportunity in it. By sorting it out we can add something to the brand which enriches it. #pr #implementation



The brand's vision is already there in the idea. The opportunity that it can turn into. At this point the inspiring, mutual and creative work decides us to have a go at something exciting.


Campaign goals, expectations, frames, needs and ideas. From these we form a plan in which the roles, the where, the who and the what are clearly visible


There is no next step without well-thought-out planning. Research, target group analysis and indicator determination happens based on exact guidelines. When everything is done, our campaign has a solid foundations.


Plan is brought to life by the step-by-step made implementation. We prepare the tools of the online/offline campaign, we place it in the appropriate environment and manage the communication project.


In the end we assess. We examine if the numbers and results have reached the threshold of success. This is a good feedback for us and for your brand and serves as a good starting for the future.

Start Labor

Az esettanulmányokban részletesebben ismertetjük néhány komplex munkánkat. Bemutatjuk a projektek hátterét, az ügyfeleink által megfogalmazott célkitűzéseket, a megoldásainkat, végül az elért eredményeket.

Attraction, Commitment, Retention

employer branding // campaign planning and execution // ad management Client Diehl Aviation Hungary

Crossrisk project

project communication // conference planning // press conference Client Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management

Let’s bring music closer!

brand identity planning // graphic works // advertising Client Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen

Conscious consumers, fair competition

strategy and campaign planning and their implementation // social media and press management Client Economic Competition Advisory Office

The City of Light, The Cradle of Hollywood

media campaign // content marketing // event management Client Szatmári Museum


We have been working together for five years. We have created such an efficient communication strategy that is operable still today and by its implementation our organization successfully fulfil the main sponsors’ expectations. Thanks to them our office networks are nationwide recognised, moreover we strengthened our professional position in the consumer protection segment.

Dr. Zsolt Hajnal // Hungarian Consumer Protection Association – president

Start Hang team has been helping our work for more than two years by visually creating our messages either in internal or external communication. They are flexible because so far every time we had a problem they always sought to find the solution. The word impossible is unknown for them. By their work we could communicate a professional and sophisticated image of ourselves. We really love working with them because they are accurate, reliable and with the help of these they take a burden off us.

Eszter Juhász // Diehl Aviation Hungary – PR expert

Our mission is to bring classical music closer to people, and in order to achieve that we have been giving many concerts in Debrecen, in the region and all over the world since 1923. To activate our audience a constant presence is needed both in print and online media. Start Hang team provides us professional help in the homogeneous communication of our programmes in our graphic material (by which representing our mission authentically), in the precise arrival of our advertisements to the media and in our capability to get visually renewed from time to time.

Dáneil Somogyi-Tóth // Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen – general & artistic director

Marketing of culture is more than advertising. It is art. And Start Hang is the perfect partner in this.

Judit Erzsébet Kiss // Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen – marketing manager

They are well-informed about the ever-changing world of social media. They have an up-to-date knowledge regarding optimisation of advertising campaigns. With their help we use our advertising budget more efficiently which is shown in the numbers of applicants for our trainings and courses.

Csaba Forgó // ICMM Kft. - FORBA Training and Adult Education Centre – manager

Thanks to their accurate preparation work, their broad media network and their efficient assistance we managed to organize a successful conference and press-conference where everything happened according to the scenario. Following the event our news reached the prestigous local, national and transborder media as well.

Nóra Papp-Kunkli // Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate for Disaster Management – spokeswoman


A márka nagybetűs élete.
Hírek, érdekességek, trendek, amelyek így vagy úgy kapcsolódnak a marketingkommunikáció és a média ezerarcú, folyamatosan alakuló világához.
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